HIGHLAND GLORY - From The Cradle To The Brave

Highland Glory - From The Cradle To The Brave

9 songs
53:50 minutes


After the split of the band Phoenix Rizing, four musicians decided to continue playing music by employing a new singer to form Highland Glory. The result is nothing else than another melodic power metal band. I can't understand why the actual metal scene is showing so huge lacks of originality. Straight forward guitar riffs and hymn-like melodic vocals, is that all that metal has to offer today? Even if some songs by Highland Glory have a more traditional celtic touch, this doesn't help too much to give the music more originality. And Europe-like ballads like This Promise I Swear or Will We Be Again? ought to be forbidden. Even Eros Ramazotti had released some harder stuff. The title track is an excellent example where you can learn to copy Gamma Ray. On nearly every track, the Norwegian singer is sounding like he's forcing himself to sing, and this is very annoying. The only positive aspect I can see is the pun on the album title. For the rest, I doubt that we will hear much else from Highland Glory.

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