HOLMES - I Thought Of The Law

Holmes - I Thought Of The Law

4 songs
14:00 minutes
***** ***


Last year’s EP I Thought Of The Law puts a nice counterpoint to this year's retrospective compilation So Far, So So. While the latter gives probably a better overlook at their career, so far, the EP, although only four tracks long, has a more concise feeling, and even a little more punch

Starting with Dead Soul Of A City Boy, Holmes immediately show their harder side, although the song is still fairly dominated by acoustic guitars, although the lap steel guitar adds some fire in the chorus. Like Ice To My Heart has a more folky touch, due to the predominant accordion and the danceable melody. The brooding All In Against The Law, although a slower track, is my personal highlight of the CD, emphasising Holmes’ Americana influences. The EP ends with another accordion song, Upstairs, Upstairs.

Either Holmes work better in the concept of an EP, or they have really improved their songwriting skills over the years. Be that as it may be, I Thought Of The Law is a great quarter hour of alt-country from Goteborg, Sweden.

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