HOLOPHONICS - A Land To End My Flight

Holophonics - A Land To End My Flight

14 songs
64:24 minutes
***** ***


French newcomers The Holophonics’ modern metal seems more appropriate for the American than for the European market, but I like nevertheless what they are doing on their debut A Land To End My Flight. Even though they have less means than established acts like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, the album has a more than decent sound, highlighted by the Holophonics’ more mature approach than their US idols’.

The album starts undecided between rock and metal, with songs like Slanging To Ourselves and Soulmates not really knowing what camp to belong to. Four songs into the album, the band takes an experimental turn that wakes them from their stylistic slumber. The two-part Mental Genocide starts with strange didgeridoo parts before veering off into Tool sounding patterns. The second half of the record still contains a couple of more ordinary tracks, but it’s more diverse than the first half. Landing Pax could become a club hit thanks to the use of scratches, For Old Time’s Sake shows an unusual sentimental side, The Eaking uses dramatic parts that even make Muse look pale and the final, semi-acoustiv, ten minute long Wise Man surprises with weird structures.

A Land To End My Flight is an excellent debut album that shows different sides of a band. Even though the album is more than one hour long, it doesn’t contain any boring or unnecessary moments. The Holophonics’ music isn’t very extreme, but unusual nonetheless, and that isn’t too frequent nowadays.

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