HOLY MARTYR - Hellenic Warrior Spirit

Holy Martyr - Hellenic Warrior Spirit

11 songs
56:41 minutes
***** ***


Usually I have a hard time with the true metal movement, as many bands run the risk of becoming a parody of themselves. Yet there are always exceptions to the rule, like Holy Martyr from Italy who just released their third album Hellenic Warrior Spirit. The band considers themselves an epic war metal band, as the album title already suggests.

The lyrics treat heroic warrior deeds from ancient times, and the music logically reminds more than once of early Manowar. The CD starts with an intro that reminds of Fifties sword and sandal movies, and continues with pure mid-tempo metal of high quality. Heavy amounts of pathos and a love for bombast give the album a typical Italian touch which is refined by an excellent vocalist who masters his voice in every register. Holy Martyr don’t make the mistake though to come across as a Manowar tribute band. This may still sound true on Kamari, Andreia, Polemos that even borrows lyrics from Into Glory Ride. Otherwise the band is open for other influences.

Hellenic Valour is for instance a folk excursion into a Viking world. H’Tan H’Epi Tas is a purely acoustic number, and toward the end, we get two doomy tracks. Holy Martyr are able to keep their audience’s attention throughout the one hour playing time, and especially the concluding symphonic To Kalesma Sta Opla leaves us with an excellent impression.

Their previous CD Still At War was anything but weak, but Hellenic Warrior Spirit manages to improve on that already good effort. The Italians have chosen the right path, and when they keep up the good work, they will certainly one day soon reap their rewards.

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