HOMER - Swan Songs For Broken Voices

Homer - Swan Songs For Broken Voices

9 songs
34:20 minutes
***** ***


Sharing two members with label mates PN, Belgian band Homer practice a furious brand of punk rock with a primeval hardcore touch. This is then spiced up by a vocalist who masters the angry punk screams as well as melodic emo lines. This may give the impression as the clash of two inconsolable opposites, but Homer pull it off nonetheless.

They are no newcomers, with ten years experience on their backs, and Swan Songs For Broken Voices is already their third full length album. The quality level stays on an equally high level except, I have to admit shamefully, the only time when one track really stood out, it turned out to be Pump The Brakes, a cover version of an early Refused song, although Homer make it sound like an authentic Bad Religion classic.

Combining aggressive punk rock with mellow emo is rather unheard of these days as most bands take the metalcore route to emo heaven. This exceptional behaviour makes Swan Songs For Broken Voices something of a rarity in the punk/hardcore universe. The production helps to round off the impeccable look, which is even heightened by a morbid cartoony cover artwork which looks like out of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. If only they would learn to give up the stupid hidden track fashion, because it’s really annoying to skip through two minutes of blank to get to the end of the album.

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