HOMER - Wasteland Reflections

Homer - Wasteland Reflections

9 songs
28:48 minutes
***** ***


About two years ago, Belgian band Homer released Swan Songs For Broken Voices, a respectable punk rock album that convinced with a lot of variety. Their meanwhile fourth longplayer Wasteland Reflections allows them to even top the predecessor a little bit.

Not that so much has changed since then, but that was not to be expected anyway. Homer still do what they can best, which is a healthy mix of melodic punk rock and screamo hardcore. The opener Here’s The Action doesn’t promise too much by being a fitful starter that rocks quite decently. Long Gone Dreams offers clear vocals and remind somewhat of Snapcase. And this is how things continue, because no two succeeding tracks sound the same. Rights And Wrongs and Which Fight Is Justified? are a little rawer, but the album also contains a sufficient number of songs that could be labelled melodic emo. More unusual but still successful sounds can be heard on Tear It Down with its darker atmosphere. Highlight is You’ll Do It Right, I Guess?, where Homer follow a different direction, with a mystical approach that nearly lets them drift into post rock territories.

Wasteland Reflections has become a little too short, but offers a lot of variety in the musical and vocal departments alike, and should appeal to open-minded people. The band is more heterogeneous than in the past and gives the impression that they still haven’t exhausted their potential.

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