HOODS - Pit Beast

Hoods - Pit Beast

11 songs
20:51 minutes
***** **
I Scream


A glimpse at the detail rich cover painting of the new Hoods CD should be enough to tell you what to expect. Faces distorted by anger, balled fists and screaming fans full of tattoos should be plenty reasons to get you in a fitting hardcore mood. Even the running time is typical. The four guys from Sacramento manage to thrash out their eleven track in about twenty minutes.

The album contains ten original compositions and a cover version of the Agnostic Front classic Friend Or Foe as a worthy conclusion. As Hoods have been founded already in 1995, you can’t blame them for sounding old school. The pieces are all short, fast, brutal and always straight to the point. Nevertheless Hoods still bring some variety into the game. While Grizzly is stomping hardcore, Nunchuk comes much more hectic, and Let’s Have Fun grooves with a lot of fun. It’s astonishing that the album starts out in with a tough guy attitude and turns more punk towards the end, which works also very well for Hoods.

Unlike Pray For Death which was reviewed on this site many years ago, I like Pit Beast much better. The band seems better prepared, and despite hardly offering anything new, they do their thing with a lot of conviction.

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