HOTWIRE - Devil In Disguise

Hotwire - Devil In Disguise

11 songs
45:45 minutes


The cover artwork is already fair warning. Hotwire from Bavaria play melodic AOR hard rock of the worst kind. You know, a genre which was popular in the USA and used to be called arena rock, and at times even amounted to quality bands like Boston or Night Ranger. But Hotwire play in a completely different league. Although (or because) it took them five years to complete their fourth album Devil In Disguise, it sounds astonishingly sterile, has too many ballads and covering T-Rex (Hot Love), and even worse Jimmy Barnes (an Australian who is commonly described as a third rate Bryan Adams clone), doesn't make things better.

The vocals have no punch, the production neither, the melodies are trite, to say the least, and the only reason I give this CD two points instead of only one is the fact that it really takes balls to release in 2006 an album which would have made people even wonder why twenty years earlier. This is for the hardcore melodic rock fan(s?) only.

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