Hubertus - Nie Mehr

9 songs
28:41 minutes
***** **


Hubertus Mohr, head of the small but fine indie label Micropal Records, has been in several bands that were released by his own company. When Skipjack Tripped and Supergroup offered a mature kind of singer/songwriter music for quiet evenings at home. How he’s back as Hubertus, revealing his first solo CD which only disappoints with a too short running time. From a songwriter point of view, we see Mr Mohr at his most accomplished, playing nine short pop songs that have a sonic richness which prove that he has his roots in the Sixties when harmonies were an essential part of music. There is mellowness pervading all of the album, but it never debases itself to some cheap kind of balladry. Instead Hubertus take care to add enough variety to make each track stand out on its own. There’s a guest drummer on one third of the songs, but the charming lo-fi production makes it hard to hear if the other tracks have just smartly produced beats or if Hubertus plays the drums himself.

His vocals are sad in a melancholy way, yet there is never any hint of kitsch. The simple songs are too sincere to leave any room for fake emotions. It’s as if he was studying late Sixties Beatles and Beach Boys, and decided to write similar material in a more stripped down manner. Occasional mellotron parts make for this antique quality old music has at times, and vocal effects add even more strangeness.

Nie mehr is not necessarily a classic, and I really blame Hubertus for not coming up with enough material, but this short half hour has enough substance to reveal new details every time you spend with the CD. Friends of band-oriented singer/songwriter stuff should seriously check this one out. And don’t even bother visiting the artist’s homepage. If this is his idea of a bad joke, it seriously worked!

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