HUMAN HOST - Invisible Arteries

Human Host - Invisible Arteries

11 songs
42:16 minutes
***** ***
MT6 / Baths Of Power


I had initial problems with Human Host from Maryland, USA. Their very original sound, combining electronic sounds with hardcore and punk rock, without sounding like the now popular retro synth rock bands (Action Action, Epoxies,...), left me clueless the first time I listened to Invisble Arteries. After an opener that could have come as well from an antique video game, the album continues with three harsh songs that probably were the cause for my first reticence. Sounding like a more playful Nine Inch Nails, or a carnivalesque Marilyn Manson, Human Host rely very strongly on beeping keyboard sounds, thus using the energy of rock music without using its sounds and patterns.

The next track Kazeeta improves things by far, continuing the album with seven songs without a sign of weakness. The occasional guitar adds an organic touch, but it is clear that Human Host are a band looking at rock music from a completely different angle. Sounding at times like early New York no wave bands, they shameless use a freedom which is absent in the more generic contemporary genres.

Invisible Arteries is not an easy album, and I still think that the first few songs could have borrowed some of the depth from the second half of the album, but eventually we are in presence of a rare original album that goes its own way without fear of embarrassment. And when the song Human Host ends the album with an acoustic guitar on a very lo-fi mood, the listener will be overwhelmed by the sheer ingenuity of the album. As this one was released already back in 2004, you should already look forward to Human Hostís new album Exploding Demon which will be released shortly.

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