HUNDERT-11 - United Haustier

Hundert-11 - United Haustier

5 songs
18:15 minutes
***** ****


On their homepage, Hundert-11 has found a wonderful description of their style: popular dance music for little sad girls and boys without ideas how to spend their leisure time. Lo-fi guitars try to find their way against an ignorant rhythm section. This is accompanied by serious lyrics without a real background, all in German language. This music also often gets described as diskurs pop, a movement which arose in Germany nearly ten years ago. Although Hundert-11 often tries to be melodic, they are not too easy listening, but a kind of trashy pop. Especially the sad and emotional vocals remind me of classic German bands like EA80 or Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs. Maybe they also can be described as a German sung version of The Notwist. Only the last song Jidka is harder and folkier as the rest of this EP which definitely is more diverse than its predecessor Tagebauhasen sind größer. Hundert-11 now belongs to the most interesting German bands.

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