IN ARKADIA - Eyes Of The Archetype

In Arkadia - Eyes Of The Archetype

10 songs
38:46 minutes
***** ***
M & O


The five members of In Arkadia come from Lyon in France and have been around since 2005. Even though Eyes Of The Archetype is my first encounter with them, they released already three albums before. The band plays quite traditional death metal, but the songwriting is mature enough to set them apart from the masses.

The opener Behold The Whore shows instantly that there is a lot of rage contained in their music which sounds incredibly intense. This is highlighted by the high number of breaks within the songs. Another good example is Of Evolutive Disorder, showing how mercilessly fast these Frenchmen can play. Still they find at times room for short breathers that always come as a welcome change. Orgasmophobia is another coarse track whose middle section comes with some rhythmic parts that are rather unusual for the death metal genre. The occasionally triggered drums also help to drive the songs forward. I especially like the powerful production that highlights the qualities of the instruments as well as those of the vocalist.

Despite the perpetual aggression, the melodic component is never neglected. One might even mistake In Arkadia for a Swedish death metal band. Even though they are flirting sometimes with the metalcore sound, Eyes Of The Archetype remains a solid album that should find a place in every well sorted death metal collection.

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