INHUMAN - Rebellion

Inhuman - Rebellion

12 songs
40:46 minutes
***** **
Kingfisher / Suburban

What I really hate is when I have written a review, and after having been too lazy to upload it to the webpage, I get a system crash, lose all my data and didn't even have a backup. Well, rewriting a review for Inhuman is one of my lesser problems now, and the whole thing gave me opportunity to relisten again to this band. I will reveal it immediately: this time I will give them 7 points out of 10 (the time before it was only 6), and that's because although their music is highly unoriginal, they have a lot of energy and attitude.

But let's start at the beginning. I don't know how many bands out there are called Inhuman, but DisAgreement Online seems to be haunted to get all the CDs by bands with that name. After the German death metal band and the American industrial metal band, we get this really brutal NYHC band. The three guys on the cover look already rather scary, and their music is sometimes compared to Slapdash (you know, the Boston hockey clowns), although sometimes, like the furious Fearless, I am reminded somehow of early Cro-Mags.

After nine songs of playing fast and relentless hardcore music, Inhuman exit with a 10-minute epic song called This Is Not An Exit. That song is inspired by Brett Easton Ellis' novel American Psycho, and although I still haven't had the time to read the book, the song and the spoken word part give you an impression of the band's and the book's sickness.

Then there's one or two bonus tracks ahead, probably just to make the album longer than 40 minutes, but anyway, Inhuman show that their old school hardcore is maybe old school, but definitely not sounding old. People who like traditional hardcore should give this band a listen.

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