JOSH - Position Number Nine

Josh - Position Number Nine

7 songs
35:36 minutes
***** ***


Now that Noir Désir is no longer around, French town Bordeaux has to look for new ambassadors of rock. Josh may not come directly from the big city, but the small villages lie close enough to count. Position Number Nine is the second album by this pure bred noise rock / screamo quartet, and while at first you may feel overwhelmed by the harshness of their approach, repeated listening will make you discover nuances that show that there is more to them than merely making a racket.

The album starts with the title track, initially in a very mellow way, making you turn up your stereo somewhat louder, just to be surprised a good minute later by the instruments finally kicking in. It all sounds like high quality screamo, a little in the vein of Envy from Japan, but the chorus is heading definitely into noise rock territory. The following Not Starved Of You puts more emphasis on the bass guitar and consequently comes with a strong groove that Primus would play if they had hardcore roots. I.K.W.Y.W.H.M is another noise rock highlight, counterpointing the bass heavy verse with a more melodic chorus. The vocals which are shared by three of the four band members take care to follow the song’s atmospheres. On Ocean Of Sorrow they have invited the vocalist from the Royal McBee Corporation, whose clearer and somewhat high voice lends the song a very peculiar feeling. Want shows the band from its wildest and most chaotic side, before the rather short album ends on the two longer tracks Ambroisie Amère and Gastroentéropode, both resuming the band’s excellent brand of noisy screamo rock.

Of course Josh’s fanbase will certainly be different from the one Noir Désir used to have, but they prove that the Southwest of France definitely has a fertile rock scene. Position Number Nine is an intense experience that takes the best from noise rock, hardcore and screamo, and manages to come up with something quite original and very tasty.

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