KANSAS - Device Voice Drum

Kansas - Device Voice Drum

18 songs
99:47 minutes
***** ***


Kansas are probably one of the most contested prog bands there have ever been. Some people just love their epic British-styled progressive rock, other people think it's just way too pompous. I have to confess that I have always rather liked their music, and not just the 70ies stuff, but also everything from the late 80ies on. Especially their last studio album Somewhere To Elsewhere was surprisingly great.

The album title reveals already that this double live CD set is accompanying a forthcoming DVD. So who and how are Kansas these days? It's still pretty much the same people since the beginning, with 4 out of 5 being original members, bassist Billy Greer having joined the band "only" in 1986. Unfortunately band founder Kerry Livgren can't be heard on this album, although he was responsible for the last studio album.

Anyway, this is a very retro thing, with three quarters of the songs coming straight from the 70ies, only three songs from the 80ies, unfortunately nothing from the 90ies, and only one song from the last album. Of course there are the people's favourites like Dust In The Wind and Carry On Wayward Son, then the epic songs Song For America, Journey From Mariabronn and an unfortunately very shortened Magnum Opus. The band is still in very good shape, and although Steve Walsh's voice isn't as good anymore as it was 25 years ago, the music still keeps its unique sound because of Robby Steinhardt's violin.

I know this is by no means the first Kansas live album, but it's a very good one. So if you are more of a visual person, I suggest you go for the DVD (although Kansas don't look that good), otherwise this might be an interesting document for prog fans who want to know what their heroes of olden times sound like today. 8 points for a very solid live album.

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