KAROSHI LOVERS - The Revolution Is Over

Karoshi Lovers - The Revolution Is Over

9 songs
36:07 minutes
***** **


The Revolution Is Over is the debut CD from Finnish band Karoshi Lovers. The bizarre name (Karoshi is the Japanese word for death from overwork), the weird band photo and just as strange pseudonyms (Ms. Stress, Kid Karoshi, Joy-R) hint at something quite extraordinary to happen.

The opener and title track is a catchy pop song that might be used for the European Song Contest, but later on adopts a strong disco touch not unlike the classic Funky Town. Karoshi Lovers cherish the dramatic aspect of their music which sounds sometimes a little darker, then again flirts with kitsch elements. The retro organ on Get A Karoshi makes for surf and horror elements, all the while reminding of the Munsters theme song. The songs mostly follow quite simple and rhythmic patterns that are ideal to get the crowds dancing.

But there is also a quieter side to Karoshi Lovers that cannot always convince me. They portray on Death Or Karoshi the typical stoical Finn, and that sound wouldn’t be amiss on a Tarantino soundtrack, but their other downtempo material lacks excitement. Especially I Love My Karoshi featuring a glockenspiel doesn’t really seem to fit in. Their less fast tracks sometimes remind me of Curve, 22 Pistepirkko and PJ Harvey.

There is a lot of potential behind Karoshi Lovers, but they haven’t used it to the fullest yet on their debut. I still have a good feeling that the future will be bright for this still young band because you can’t deny that they are original.

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