KATE MOSH - Life Is Funfair

Kate Mosh - Life Is Funfair

14 songs
40:29 minutes
***** ****


Even if the band name is borrowed from a popular model, Kate Mosh are a German indie rock band founded in 1999 who have just released their first full-length CD Life Is Funfair. The first thing I noticed about this record is their often hectic approach towards music. It seems as if Kate Mosh have no time to lose. So their songs are quite short (rarely longer than 3 minutes), making them come immediately to the point. The way Kate Mosh play their songs surely is very traditional and if I have to find comparisons, Landmine Spring and Oliver Twist would first come to my mind. Nevertheless this shouldn't mean that there aren't little jewels on the record, such as the more melodic Telepathic and Gone Through Done Away. Most of the songs are more chaotic, but there's always the necessary sense of melody left. Very intense are the vocals that change from melodic chants to a kind of catchy shouting. As you may guess, the songs on Kate Mosh's debut are very different from each other, resulting in a very good indie rock album with enough melodic and emotional parts. There is no blackout on this record which should be recommended to fans of bands like Sonic Youth, Fugazi and Dinosaur Jr.

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