Keep Away From Heat - Helium Bliss

9 songs
44:50 minutes
***** **


Keep Away From Heat never try to make life easy for the reviewer. Less a band than a project by Serbian producer PNDC, the nine songs on Helium Bliss cover a wide array of genres, which left me clueless the first time I listened to it. As a solo artist, he can certainly do whatever he wants, making him wander through many different genres, although the cornerstones are electronic ambient and post rock.

What all tracks have in common is an inherent quiescence that feels like the calm after a storm, a more than fitting image for the war torn country the artist is coming from. The opener Helium Bliss has a strange rhythm pattern with ethnic vocals making for an Eastern atmosphere. The following Everything… Senseless takes us back to more familiar grounds. A discreet beat and warm keyboards create a peaceful atmosphere that is to be found throughout the album. Keep Away From Heat always takes his time building his songs, but he is always best on the shorter, more accessible material, like Des Notes de Clementines and Toys. The end of the album is much slower again with the longer compositions Rainbow Drops and Wall.

Every song can stand on its own, creating an island of peace that can soothe any mind. The only drawback comes from the fact that Predrag Nedic is more a producer than a band performer, so that despite the fascinating production values, the final product feels a little disjointed. Nonetheless it is not only interesting, but also education in some way, to see how a suffering nation builds a new and quite original music scene again.

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