Keep Of Kalessin - Kolossos

9 songs
54:25 minutes
***** ****


Keep Of Kalessin have been founded already back in 1993, and managed to make themselves quite a reputation in the Norwegian black metal scene. The real breakthrough came yet only with their third album Armada from 2006, earning them rave reviews. Two years later, they are back with the successor Kolossos, and again the men around Obsidian C., who also used to be in Satyricon, manufactured a black metal album that sounds like no other in their genre.

Even though the music sounds at times extremely compact and complex, the artists allege that they recorded the album live in their studio. The songs are generally quite long, often between seven and nine minutes. Only the simpler thrash number Warmonger, which still sounds quite cool and reminds a little of Annihilator, doesn’t make it past the five minute border. The other tracks are in their own way more extreme, and contain next to their black metal roots a few death and thrash metal elements. The moods on this CD change more often and unpredictably than the weather, like The Rising Sun which goes from raw through bestial to symphonic and folk, and all of this within seven minutes. Some parts are so confusing, epic and monumental that they could have come from the crazy mind of Devin Townsend. Quite unforeseen is the quieter The Mark Of Power which shows parallels to ballads of Metal Church and Flotsam And Jetsam, and is a nice break from the hectic pace.

I am glad to see that lately many bands prefer the complex black metal to its more primitive and melodic brothers. Maybe this is a new trend in black metal? Hard to believe, as this genre is too challenging for many bands. Let’s hope that Keep Of Kalessin get the deserved attention for this ambitious work.

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