KEMET - The Rules Of Equilibrium

Kemet - The Rules Of Equilibrium

9 songs
47:15 minutes
***** **


Kemet from the French city Lyon show professional ambition with their second album The Rules Of Equilibrium. Somewhere between dark rock and gothic metal, they launch nine exquisitely produced songs with enough grittiness to please the metal fan, and enough commercial accessibility to even get a chance at radio airplay. It is interesting that their mellowest track, the ballad Soeur de Sang, is sung in French, which should help them to be played on the national radio stations that are governed by a disputed quota regulation.

The opener Fuck With The Enemy is also the album’s hardest track, reminding of a less weird but equally brilliant Devin Townsend. Why therefore only a seven point rating, you may ask! Unfortunately, Kemet play it too often on the safe side, and when the album ends after three quarters of an hour, you can’t really point your finger on (m)any weaknesses (ok, so I do hate their annoying goth-romantic pling-pling piano sound… which is fortunately only sometimes showing up), but when it comes to highlights, it’s equally hard to find, apart from the two aforementioned tracks.

Fans of Anathema, My Dying Bride and other male-fronted gothic metal bands should feel comfortable with The Rules Of Equilibrium, especially as the production is top notch. But Kemet hardly try to renew the genre, which is sad, because I somehow feel that they have the talent for it.

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