KEN MODE - Mongrel

KEN Mode - Mongrel

9 songs
32:24 minutes
***** ****
Escape Artist / Conspiracy


KEN Mode are a young band from Canada whose debut album Mongrel is really something special. The first few times I listened to the album, I thought it was alright but mentally added it already to my modern metalcore drawer. Well, time to revise this premature decision. Mongrel are a three-piece powerhouse from Canada, and they are totally fierce, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say they had rabies. The vocalist is barking like a deranged dog, and if you put your face really close to the speakers, you will feel the spit and foam in your face. This anger outburst is underlined by mad distorted noisecore that is on the one hand really mean and straight in your face, but on the other hand smart enough to build tension and momentum. KEN (stands for: Kill Everyone Now!) Mode are not reinventing music, but at least they don't follow the modern prog metalcore routine which I still like but risks to saturate the market. At moments KEN Mode remind me really a lot of the amazing Today Is The Day (mostly the inhuman vocals), but when they switch to atmospherics, it's rather the old noise school of the likes of Jesus Lizard, Killdozer, Big Black. The first eight songs are short to medium length tracks that feel like boots stomping on your face, and Mongrel ends with the 8-minute torture Likeliness Is Against You. This is really ugly music, but I do love it. Ugliness is wanted here and comes as an art form. 9 points!

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