KENNETH MINOR - In That They Can’t Help It

Kenneth Minor - In That They Can’t Help It

12 songs
40:57 minutes
***** *


Led by guitarist/vocalist Bird Cristiani, Kenneth Minor is a three-piece from Germany whose acoustic music couldn’t be further away from the current fashion. Accompanied by fellow guitarist T. Berg and bassist/percussionist Steven Gaeta (Universal Congress Of, Kool Ade Acid Test), he comes up with twelve songs that are without an exception subdued folky ballads that may remind you of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, or for the younger generation, Beck.

Unlike many indie bands from their country, Kenneth Minor never sound whiny or put on, instead they opt for a more American influenced sound that undermines their sincerity. This doesn’t change the fact that the forty-one minutes of music on their debut In That They Can’t Help It fail to rouse the more electrical minded listener. Amplified guitar may be present, but are well hidden within the overall context that conjures a certain Sixtyish atmosphere of soft spoken protest singers.

My rating is consequently very subjective, and I advise every friend of mellow singer/songwriter craft to lend Kenneth Minor their ears. You might like it better than I did.

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