KEN TAMPLIN - Wake The Nations

Ken Tamplin - Wake The Nations

18 songs
78:03 minutes


First impression: mediocre melodic metal, not my cup of tea, but technically done in a professional way, and with a lot of guest musicians to make it interesting for collectors.

Second impression: Christian rock music, well let's dig a bit deeper.

Third and final impression: right wing cranks that scare the shit out of me. Go and visit Ken Tamplin's homepage and visit the message board to get the whole hatred against atheists, homosexuals, Muslims, left-wingers. Ken, make some talk-radio for your redneck friends and don't bother to get your music released in old Europe. 0 points.

And before I let you go, just one more thing to make you wonder... Ken's cousin is Sammy Hagar, who apparently doesn't talk to him anymore because Sammy doesn't like what Ken stands for. I have never been a big fan of Hagar either, but this makes him win some points with me.

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