KERRETTA - Pirohia

Kerretta - Pirohia

8 songs
43:16 minutes
***** **
Golden Antenna


New Zealand based post rock band Kerretta started in 2005 without any huge ambitions, being happy to be invited to play improvised sets at parties. Feedback was better than expected so that the guys decided to write real songs. Since 2007 they have released a record nearly every year, and this year they present their third longplayer Pirohia.

Kerretta have a rather classic approach towards their music. Apart from one exception, the songs are all instrumentals that start quietly and rather inconspicuously and only slowly build up momentum. The instruments accordingly become louder, and the pace also increases. I know that a lot of post rock bands follow this modus operandi, but Kerretta always manage to offer suspense and thus keep their audience’s attention. The opener Ossein Trail is right away one of the band’s best tracks, giving the impression that your heartbeat is quickening with the rhythm of the music. The hypnotic Sister, Come Home with its rousing finale is another highlight on the album. The same counts for Iron Hail where the band is showing off their more aggressive side. Only His Streets Of Honey, Her Mouth Of Gold has turned out mellower and can’t quite keep up with the rest of Pirohia. I also have to mention Kawea Tätou Ki Ngä Hiwi where a Maori vocalist is singing in his native tongue and playing traditional instruments. This track adds new dimensions to Kerretta’s music, and it is a pity that the band doesn’t use guest vocalists or voice samples more frequently. Usually instrumental only music is somewhat strenuous for me, but in the case of Pirohia which is running just under forty-five minutes, I am willing to cut them a break.

Some people love post rock, other people don’t. I personally prefer rock music with vocals, but I have to concede that Kerretta do their very best when it comes to instrumental music. Pirohia is certainly the right album at the right time, as I have the impression that vocal-less music becomes more and more popular.

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