KETAH - La folie des hommes

Ketah - La folie des hommes

6 songs
28:37 minutes
***** ***


Lately I discovered a lot of good metal bands from France, making me realise that I somewhat neglected following their rock scene. The four members of Ketah from Bergerac close to Bordeaux may not show anything new or groundbreaking on their fourth EP La folie des hommes, but it’s still a rather thrilling indie rock record of the harder kind.

Ketah who started in 1997 did a good job with the packaging, as the six track CD comes in a neat digipak and an appealing cover artwork. But also the contents happen to please. Vocalist Alexandre, who also wrote all the French lyrics, sings with a clear voice that reminds of a less extreme Mike Patton. That being said, Faith No More seem to be one of the major influences of Ketah who apparently feel musically quite at ease in the Nineties. The songs are mostly kept at a moderate pace and display a dark mood that adds to the tension. The grunge movement also seems to have left its traces, which can be heard on Born, the only song on the EP with English lyrics. Sometimes the band sounds groovier and more extreme, allowing me to dig up the ancient term crossover. When they get close to metal, there’s even a hint of System Of A Down shining through.

One can claim that Ketah have borrowed a little here and there, but their unconventional mix of pop, rock, metal and anything else they happen to like really works quite well. The short running time of the EP format also enables the band to maintain an constantly high level throughout the record. It’s actually a shame that this high spirited band hasn’t found a label yet.

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