KEVIN DUBROW - In For The Kill

Kevin Dubrow - In For The Kill

12 songs
49:39 minutes
Shrapnel / Mascot


Kevin Dubrow was the singer of 80s metal band Quiet Riot who sold over 10 million records about 20 years ago. Mr Dubrow is now trying a comeback with his first solo CD called In For The Kill. The concept behind this record is quite simple: the artist decided to cover 12 songs which inspired him making music.

Here's a list of his choice: Burn On The Flame (The Sweet), Good Rocking Tonight (Montrose), Black Sheep Of The Family (Rainbow), Speed King (Deep Purple), Stay With Me (The Faces), Red Light Mama, Red Hot (Humble Pie), Gonna Have A Good Time (Easybeats), Modern Times Rock'n'Roll (Queen), Drivin' Sister (Mott The Hoople), Razamanaz (Nazareth), 20th Century Boy (T-Rex ) and Rolling With My Baby (Silverhead).

Some versions are well done, others are less convincing and show that Kevin DuBrow never was more than just an average singer in a good metal band. But my main problem with this CD is the futility of its release. Wouldn't it be more interesting listening to the originals? Let's hope that this record won't inspire other fallen rock heroes to record other albums with their favourite tracks. Imagining similar tribute albums by Don Dokken or Great White isn't a welcome thought. I think it's better buying a 70s compilation than this CD because the original versions are surely better and less expensive.

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