KILLING GAME SHOW - Cravallo Grande

Killing Game Show - Cravallo Grande

7 songs
36:51 minutes
***** ***
Kahunah / One Take


Not only does the 1997 founded band have a strange name, but their style description isn't less bizarre: this quartet is playing progressive pop rock. To use more common terms, it's very dynamic noise rock with slight retro touches. Although the opener has a hypnotic effect on the listener because of its repetitive structures and the use of a vibraphone, the second song (P.S.) is a great noise rock song with a very catchy melody. But nearly every song is sounding different and KGS present a large repertoire of rough rock. Angel has some stoner influences, Rave is a very heavy track and Secrets draws some parallels to the harder Soundgarden thanks to complicated arrangements, but the song contains much more progressive sounding structures. Horizons is the only weaker tracks because the songwriting doesn't seem to be totally developed to its end. Luckily the album ends with a real highlight: Planet End is a slow, melancholic and experimental lo-fi tune. Killing Game Show have proven that they are more than just another German noise rock band.

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