KINN - Kinn

Kinn - Kinn

8 songs
43:05 minutes
***** ***
Tête à Tête


Kinn is a German duo consisting of Frank Schültge Blumm and Marcel Türkowsky. The opener Greifling of their self-titled album gives you a wrong first impression that this could be very boring acoustic guitar music. But starting with the second song Leuchtende, the duo gets much more experimental and leads the music into a very calm post rock direction very close to Tortoise or the Luxembourgian Lecitone. Ungezeichnetes puts you into a real trance mood created by repetitive loops. Only the trumpets used at the end of this song help you escape. On all songs (except the opener), the acoustic guitars receive support from minimalist, even slightly hypnotic electronic sounds. What Kinn have created must be open to different fans of music. Not only post rockers will like the music by Kinn, but people listening to ambient or minimalist music performed by Nick Drake or Jim O'Rourke should risk a try. By the way, the cardboard cover is well fitting the simple music structures.

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