KITSHICKERS - The Orion Constellation

Kitshickers - The Orion Constellation

15 songs
52:01 minutes
***** ****
Winged Skull


Although making an impact for more than a decade, Kitshickers never really developed such a fan following as other local bands that started at around the same time. One reason is certainly that they have taken a long time looking for an identity. The first two albums showed them from their juvenile post grunge / punk side, on the third they started to experiment with new sounds, the fourth established them as an ambitious rock band hard to categorise. It’s been more than two years now since …So That’s The Miracle Of Life was released, an album that basically consisted only of one song subdivided into six parts. Kitshickers continue that tradition on The Orion Constellation although this time their composition is slightly shorter and comes in fifteen parts, making it easier to remember the different movement.

The album starts with a meditative intro, before tribal drums set the mood for the rocking Constantinople. If this sounds at first a little like Sepultura or Soulfly, the following Euphrates turns out to be a lava-like killer of a song with gothic parallels to Type O Negative. Kitshickers use the different parts to fool around with the most different styles. On the short Banyan, they invited vocalists from local extreme metal bands (Fast Friday, Everwaiting Serenade, Desdemonia, Black Out Beauty, Lincoln Hawk, Ex Inferis, Miles To Perdition and dEFDUMp) to overwhelm their audience with a fierce metalcore attack. Other tracks feature noisy drones, psychedelic organ solos, even a mixed choir from the Conservatoire guests on one track.

This gives the impression that The Orion Constellation is a headless monster, but it works nonetheless because the different parts flow seamlessly into each other. Kitshickers have long left the restrictions of alternative rock, and despite flirting with heavy sounds, they are not a metal band either. Conceptually they remind me of Seventies progressive rock bands who also didn’t know any limits, so that we might as well categorise them as a hard grooving art rock band. Gilles’ idiosyncratic vocals may still not be to everyone’s taste, but after all these years, I couldn’t imagine Kitshickers with a different singing style.

To make matters even more attracted, the book-sized packaging looks really awesome, making it nearly incredible that after all this CD is sold for only 8 euros. The Orion Constellation makes for another highlight in the career of this still rather overlooked band, and I am sure that next time, they will not fail to surprise us again!

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