KITTIE - In The Black

Kittie - In The Black

12 songs
41:21 minutes
***** ***


Kittie started their career in 1996 as an all-female metal band. This might surprise considering that the ladies are only in the second half of their twenties. In The Black is already the fifth studio album by the four Canadians, and like on earlier records, their sound aims preponderantly at the North American continent where they have always been more successful than in Europe. As the band members featured on the cover look really hot, I didn’t waste any time to check out what they have to offer in the musical department.

They don’t do their thing too badly, even if at first you have to suffer your way through a ninety seconds long boring intro. The first regular track My Plague is a successful mix of thrash and nu metal, where especially the vocals stand out by alternating between growls and melodies. On the following Cut Throat, they show a similar powerful combination of heaviness and grooves, which in itself is rather simple, but also happens to please instantly. The album continues with a more pop sounding approach, with Die My Darling reminding me of The Nymphs, a quite underrated grunge band of the early Nineties. Even goth pop elements have found their way into the songwriting, which can best be heard on Sleepwalking with its similarities to The Gathering. Whiskey Love shows the band also from their quieter side, ideal for some chilling in between heavier moments. Otherwise Kittie prefer to rock straightforward in a trendy way which should especially appeal to their younger fans.

In The Black is definitely not a milestone, but it shows Kittie as a band with tremendous verve, which is infective and makes you want more. The songwriting is not really special, but the vocals, the great guitar riffs and their uncomplicated attitude make sure that this doesn’t really disturb. Wouldn’t life be nice if everyone were as easygoing as Kittie?

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