KLEZ.E - Leben Daneben

Klez.e - Leben Daneben

12 songs
52:27 minutes
***** *****


Writing about music can be a nice way of telling people what to expect before they decide to buy an album, but I have a strong feeling that no matter what I write about Klez.e, I can never do them justice. While I am generally suspicious of music with German lyrics (with bands like Virginia Jetzt and Wir Sind Helden provoking ugly rashes on my skin), Klez.e are not only a good newcomer, but even one of these ultra-rare bands that manage to enchant you with your very first album. The last time this happened with a German band was with Kante, which is already a couple of years in the past.

Leben Daneben could be described as oscillating somewhere between the melancholy of Radiohead and Notwist, although limiting their bandwidth to only those two bands would be unfair. It's just that Klez.e also are masters at combining emotional guitar rock music with contemporary electronic influences, furthermore adding occasional 70s prog sounds with Rhodes synthesizers and mellotrons. It's really hard to write about their music. While their are not that many catchy songs, the ones you remember (Real Fernsehen, Anders als jetzt, Grün) will never leave your memory again. Most of the album consists of more complicated, less poppy stuff which often enough starts out very mellow, and before you notice, you are deep into a crescendo finale which is overwhelming you with epic melodies somewhere between early Sigur Ros and latter day Motorpsycho.

I want to emphasise though that Klez.e are never a clone, they are doing their own thing all the way through. Leben Daneben is not only a perfect album of moody yet rocking indie songs, it's even impossibly mature for a debut album. Catch this band while they are hot, and you can claim that you knew them from the very beginning, because if there is any justice, these guys will soon be really big.

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