KOLDBORN - First Enslavement

Koldborn - First Enslavement

10 songs
38:42 minutes
***** ****


First Enslavement definitely is a great debut by Koldborn, probably Denmark's best death metal band. Although I have to admit that the only other one I know are Ill Disposed, I prefer Koldborn. Their CD never tries to innovate this music, but it contains everything you should expect from an authentic death metal CD: diverse songwriting, good vocals, a solid production and a whole lot of brutality. The singer Martin Leth has a very well developed death metal voice, he's far above the average of this genre. Some songs like In Breathless Sighs or Sunbroken also contain female backing vocals. Usually those songs are played at a slower tempo and with lower notes which reminds me quite a lot of Celtic Frost's Into The Pandemonium era. Apart from slower tracks, the CD contains of course some real speed assaults like Wicked Arise Divine or All Bowing Heads Roll. Koldborn have not only produced one of the best debuts, but they are already quite close to the peek of the international death metal scene. Have a closer look at this great quartet from Denmark.

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