KOMBAT - When Silence Makes You Deaf...

Kombat - When Silence Makes You Deaf...

9 songs
26:17 minutes
Last Effort


I always thought that Straight Edge was over, so try to guess my surprise when I first held this CD in my hand, with pictures of young clean men with big black crosses smeared over the backs of their hands...

I don't want to make this sound now that this rather bad review comes from the band's philosophy that is approximately as tolerant and liberal as the average fundamentalist White Anglo-Saxon Protestant under the guidance of some Jerry Falwell, but it really seems to me that Kombat from Belgium are using their clean lifestyle to hide that they are only a fairly average hardcore band.

Midtempo hardcore with mosh elements, and a singer with as good as no charisma in his voice. The reason I am giving this CD 5 points and not less is because it's really just average, and therefore deserves the average rating. But if you want to get better hardcore, you should check out other bands on the same record label, notably Lariat, Complete and dEFDUMp... three really original bands with an attitude.

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