KOMPARCE - Data Exchange

Komparce - Data Exchange

6 songs
26:51 minutes
***** ***
Schnurstrax / Chez Kito Kat


Metz based minimalist electro duo Komparce can definitely not be accused of flooding the world with music. Data Exchange is so far their only release, and came out already two years ago. Since then there were a few compilation appearances and remixes, but we still have to wait for a new sign of life in the shape of a new record. This is a bit of a shame, considering how their debut EP is charmingly moulding its own niche in a genre which makes it often hard for the non-initiated to find their war. Samuel Ricchiuti and Christophe Biache both have their laptops, but complement these with vintage analogue synthesizers to create music with a warmth rarely encountered in their chosen genre.

While Komparce certainly don’t get the party started with their music, they nevertheless invite their audience on a sonic journey that perfectly melds the clear sounds of the present with the organic mellowness of early electronica from the Seventies. Discreet beats are threading their way to the music, leaving ample room to explore the waving and wobbly synth lines.

Data Exchange may not even be half an hour long, but it’s definitely one of their finer examples of contemporary minimalist music. The first five songs all more or less follow the same pattern of relaxation and ambience, but the final Buccolik Relaxation ends the EP on a slightly more upbeat note, with acoustic guitar samples and a nicely rhythmic beat that is accompanied by a splendid synth bass line that even hints at contemporary dance music while even allowing for some jazzy notes to surface. More of this less sparse instrumentation would elevate Komparce onto an even higher ground.

Released on two net labels, the EP is even available as a free download, so that fans of intelligent electronic music should definitely give this excellent first sign of life a listen.

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