KREATOR - Live Kreation

Kreator - Live Kreation

24 songs
103:14 minutes
***** ****
Steamhammer / SPV


I always like making statistics about the content of live albums, as they always show if a band can deliver what their audience is expecting. With Kreator, it could have gone awry, for people like me, who decided that from their 1992 album Renewal on, the band was more or less losing it.

So what we get here is three different-sized blocks: one quarter of the playing time goes to their last studio album Violent Revolution which received for once again rather good reviews among the metal fanzines. Another quarter of the playing time is distributed between the years 1992 and 1999, where only Outcast receives three cuts. Then, to my utter delight, the early material up until 1990 with Coma Of Souls receives a lot of attention, only my favourite album Terrible Certainty receives only one song, whereas the also great Pleasure To Kill is features with 4 tracks. And, to do justice for each of their up 'til now 10 studio albums, there is not a single output that didn't receive at last one song.

So much for the statistics which show that the content is very interesting, whereas the playing quality couldn't be better either. Now with original drummer Ventor back in the saddle, you really get the feeling to listen to a bunch of wild young boys, totally forgetting that they have nearly 20 years of experience now.

Kreator always meant to Europe what Slayer meant to the USA: totally awesome kings of thrash metal, and also the new millennium shows that Kreator are still among the greatest out there. Most of the songs are also available on a live DVD, and if you're really looking hard, you may even find the limited edition (out of print already) which combines the double-CD and the DVD. Fans of Kreator should see this as a must-buy item, if only because this is their first real live release ever. Those who are unfamiliar with Kreator but listen to more modern bands, this would be a great place to start. 9 points!

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