KRESTOVSKY - The Great Plains

Krestovsky - The Great Plains

9 songs
41:44 minutes
***** **
Well Dressed


Solo artist albums can sound sometimes rather sparse, but Krestovsky from Baltimore, Maryland is not only a multi-instrumentalist, but he also knows how to record his music that it still has something of a band feeling. Issued on the mini-label Well Dressed Records, The Great Plains is a collection of nine indie country folk songs, and I refuse to use the word lo-fi in this context, because the production may not be glossy (and thank all the gods for that), but conveys instead a sense of warmth the way we used to love back in the Seventies.

Seeing himself somewhere between Built To Spill, Neil Young and Neutral Milk Hotel (the latter making sense for instance on Church Song), you should get an idea what to expect. Lots of acoustic guitars, subdued drumming, emotional but never whiny vocals, and sometimes keyboards, cello, trumpet and kazoos to add more colour to the music.

The mood on the album ranges from melancholy sadness to utter despair. Those of you in favour of party sounds should look somewhere else for their pleasure. But The Great Plains is an extremely well done album, recorded by one man alone, guided by a vision of how his music has to sound. The first half of the record is slightly more engaging than the latter one, but this should not only aim at fans of the aforementioned bands, but also those who like to listen to Nick Drake or Elliot Smith. At least Krestovsky is still alive!

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