KRUX - Krux

Krux - Krux

9 songs
50:04 minutes
***** ***


Even though purists consider Black Sabbath to be the godfathers of doom, people of my generation grew up on Eighties metal and therefore elevated Candlemass founder Leif Edling to god status. It's been a long time since my last Candlemass album, but Leif is back with his new band Krux, featuring also Jörgen Sandström and Peter Stjärnvind from Entombed.

This turns out from the beginning to be a very interesting constellation, with Leif coming from a heavy metal oriented version of doom, and Entombed with death metal roots to a more Seventies approach. Luckily Krux don't sound like either band (which wouldn't have been bad, just unoriginal), but find a bridge somewhere in between. The main feeling I get when listening to this self-titled debut is a journey to good old hardrock music with a heavy stoner touch. Added instruments like organ, mellotron and moogs don't only enrich the sound, but put it positively apart from the majority of stoner rock bands.

Most of the album is played at the typical lava flow slowness you would expect of a Leif Edling, and there is even a short but still unnecessary bass solo instrumental piece, but apart from that it's just a really good album to listen to if you like doom and Seventies sounds. The centre piece (ok, not really centre, because it comes at the very end) is the 12-minute-epic Lunachod, a song about the failure of the Soviet space program. Although this song shows best the musical qualities of Krux, there seems to be an overwhelming anachronistic hate of Communism that somehow pales the overall greatness of the album. I still give 8 big points, independent of their deviant political attitude.

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