KUNG FU KITTY - Unleashed

Kung Fu Kitty - Unleashed

11 songs
37:24 minutes
***** **
The Arcadia Agency


Kung Fu Kitty is the idea turned flesh of the three siblings Heller from Austria to create an indie rock band. Elisabeth sings, Matthias plays the guitar and Maximilian does percussion. They also have a bassist who is not part of the family, plus a handful of guest musicians. Unleashed is the band’s debut which offers a mix of alternative rock and pop punk.

Despite some heavier moments, the band is not afraid of using more commercial sounds and should therefore also reach a mainstream audience. Kung Fu Kitty names Foo Fighters and Green Day as their influences, but I also had to think of Die Happy due to the melodic aspects of the songs. No matter if they play their faster or their quieter material, the songs always feel carefree and never fail to stick in your ears. Tracks like The Opposite and Tonight have all it takes to become single hits with their accessible structures. Fortunately the production doesn’t feel overly polished, and the gnarly guitar sounds guarantee the necessary edge. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what the band intends, and the result is definitely fun!

The bottom line is that Unleashed has turned out to be a really good album, nothing more, nothing less. Their crossover of pop, rock and punk isn’t as hip today as it was ten years ago, but the four musicians still do a neat job, and you won’t find any weak moments. Nevertheless music like this has been done over and over in the past, and it will be hard for Kung Fu Kitty to guide the audience’s focus just on them.

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