LUCA TURILLI - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse

Luca Turilli - Prophet Of The Last Eclipse

10 songs
51:29 minutes
***** ****


I still have fond memories of the last Rhapsody album. If you care to look for it on this webpage, you'll notice I gave it a maximum rating. It can't have been that long since it has been released, but already guitar player and mastermind Luca Turilli comes back again with a solo album, his second one already.

You can discuss about sense or nonsense of this, but to me, this doesn't sound much different as his regular band. Even the song writing is on a similarly high level. I get the impression as if Mr Turilli is a true workaholic who has to make his own album from time to time to have his band mates rest.

So on Prophet Of The Last Eclipse, you have Olaf Hayer from Germany on the vocals, plus producer Sascha Paeth who also plays the bass guitar. If you like German styled epic power metal (Helloween, Gammy Ray) and are familiar with the Italian version of it (much more bombast), then you are a potential customer of this album. The funny thing with this CD is that the best songs are placed at the very end: the single track Demonheart, the folky New Century's Tarantella and the long epic title track. This doesn't mean that the rest of the album is bad, the opener War Of The Universe is a true anthem, too.

9 points for this album, but every Rhapsody fan has to have this one too.

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