Marcel Coenen - Guitar Talk

12 songs
50:04 minutes


The name Marcel Coenen should ring a bell with every experienced prog metal fan, as this Dutch six-string wunderkind (he's a few months younger than I am) was the head behind Lemur Voice, a band that never really made it big but that was well respected in the underground.

Apart from that, Marcel Coenen is also officially the best guitar player from the Netherlands, as he won the Dutch National Guitar Awards. Which means it's just logically the next step that he releases a solo album, in this case even solo in its truest meaning, as he not only played the guitar parts but also programmed the bass guitar, keyboards and drums. Naturally the whole thing is a bit sterile sounding, as this CD is probably Coenen's way of showing all his skills. He is technically great, of course, and plays everything from melodic stuff to the more thrashy prog sounds, but can you guess? This is way above your head if you're not a musician and not keen on taking track of odd time signatures and unexpected breaks.

Marcel Coenen does a lot of guitar clinics (that's what they call these workshops, I think), and I guess everyone who visits one of those will love the diversity of his styles. As this is probably more about skill than about delivering tight songwriting with memorable melodies, average less gifted people (like me, for instance) will not get much out of this record. For fairness' sake, I won't rate this album.

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