MATT BOROFF - Ticket To Nowhere

Matt Boroff - Ticket To Nowhere

10 songs
41:31 minutes
***** ***
Lo End


An American making music in Austria is quite unusual, as it is more common for Austrians to make their career in the USA. But as Matt Boroff found his future wife in Vorarlberg, he decided to stay there and start making music after the split of his band Planet Dread. His self-titled debut was a decent start two years ago, but the album somehow missed the real kick.

Two years later, Matt Boroff reappears better prepared. The cover artwork is much more appealing than the black and white band photo from the debut. But not only the artwork has improved, but the musical side from Ticket To Nowhere is also far more convincing than what Matt Boroff and his two musicians did before.

The opener and title song is an excellent start into this record. It's a calm southern rock song which could be featured on a Quentin Tarantino movie soundtrack next to Tito & Tarantula and Urge Overkill. Even if this trend appears on several songs, it often is put into a harsher and dirtier context, as you can hear on To Be A Locust and No Meaning which even have a slight punk atmosphere. A certain retro tinge can be heard on Mosquito and Broken Clock. Those of you who prefer some groove in the songs should listen to Bomb and Bad Actor. All those songs show a lot of tempo and are capturing the listener's attention immediately at the start. But on two songs, Matt Boroff shows a more melancholic side. Take Off The Bandages and Truth And Superstition are more spectacular than the ballads on the debut, but I mentioned already in my last review that I prefer the rocking Matt Boroff.

Ticket To Nowhere is a non-negligible improvement in Matt Boroff's career. The album is never too hard and never too soft so that it can attract a huge audience. Let's just hope that potential listeners won't be scared away by Matt Boroff's non commercial approach to making music.

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