Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing - Dust On My Shoes

16 songs
66:59 minutes
***** ***


I have never heard of Mick Thomas before although he collected already gold records for albums from his previous band Weddings Parties Anything. Mmmhh, it really seems that Australia is a totally different world standing apart from Europe and North America. Strange too, as Mick Thomas played already many shows outside of Australia.

Anyway, Mick Thomas started recording albums about 20 years ago and now found in Twah! a record label that is ideal for his kind of music. If he were from the US, we'd call it Americana, but as things are, we have to call it Australiana or alternative country rock.

The album starts out with the awfully strong The Lonely Goth, a sad and funny song about the hard life of black clad goth fans living in hot white trash towns. This song should be a real hit. The other 11 songs (plus 4 bonus live songs adding another 20 minutes to the regular playing time) are also solid alt country, with a distinctive touch of melancholia. And it is this latter property which makes country such a great music. OK, I also got used to this kind of music only a couple of months ago, but just by leaning back, reading a Peter Carey novel and listening to Mick Thomas will teach you the virtues of this dusty music.

There's also a CD-ROM part with the video clip of The Lonely Goth, which is done as a children's story book, in the same style as the really cool Victorian-style layout of the cover artwork. Just too bad the video quality is rather low... there should be more possible in this age of Div-X.

Apart from that, you get a really cool and sad alt country album that makes at least me yearning for a holiday trip to Australia. 8 dusty points.

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