NARNIA - Course Of A Generation

Narnia - Course Of A Generation

10 songs
42:14 minutes
***** **


Course Of A Generation is already the sixth studio album by Christian rockers Narnia. Compared to their previous efforts, a lot has changed with the Swedes. Longtime vocalist Christian Rivel-Liljegren has left and been replaced by German Pascual who does a really good job with his powerful delivery. The cover artwork this time doesn’t feature the lion Aslan from the Narnia Chronicles, but numerous signposts that remind of wooden crosses.

I won’t go into Narnia’s religious background, as I don’t want to waste my time with that. From a musical point of view, Course Of A Generation is interesting enough to allow you to spend some time with it. Unlike in the past, the songs have fortunately become generally shorter, a necessary step in my opinion. The melodic component also isn’t so strong anymore, with the deft structures pulling the band more towards classical power metal. The songs rock respectably, have a healthy dose of dynamics and know to please with the very catchy choruses. My favourite highlights include When The Stars Are Falling and Rain. Sacred and One Way To Freedom are somewhat quieter than the other tracks, but this doesn’t actually disturb. The only drawback is Narnia’s lack of variety. Even if there are no songwriting weaknesses, the different songs show a more or less same pattern, which eventually is a little disappointing.

Despite this point of criticism, Course Of A Generation is still a considerable improvement over their predecessor Enter The Gate. Narnia play heavier than ever before and finally live up to their potential. They have chosen the right path, but to achieve their zenith, they still have to jump over some hurdles.

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