NARNIA - Enter The Gate

Narnia - Enter The Gate

9 songs
50:16 minutes


Narnia is not only the name of a commercially successful book series by C.S. Lewis, but it's also a Swedish melodic metal band formed in 1996. Narnia share their proselytizing Christian belief with Lewis, but they don't like to be called a white metal band... I only wonder why they come up with song titles like The Man From Nazareth...

So far, Narnia have released one live and four studio albums. Enter The Gate is the fifth regular album and it is not so different from what the musicians did in the past. Again you find the wise lion Aslan on the cover who represents Jesus in the book chronicles and in the musicians' minds (and what religion said that you are not supposed to create an image of your deity?). Technically you can't say much against Narnia's timeless metal, but it's too traditional and the song writing isn't very exciting. The album contains a lot of keyboards, too many guitar solos, midtempo hymns, bombastic metal chords and three horrible ballads reminding me of Europe. Their often sound like the Pretty Maids, a Danish melodic metal band which was popular more than fifteen years ago. Another problem I have with Narnia's album is that each song is running for about five to seven minutes, which is just too long when you consider the lack of ideas in the song writing.

The movie has been a huge success and even the novel sales climbed considerably. Although I can't recommend this too classic melodic metal album, I can imagine that it will become the band's hugest success due to the current Narnia hype.

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