NARZISS - Hope Dies

Narziss - Hope Dies

5 songs
19:00 minutes
***** ****


At times it is really hard to draw a line between hardcore and metal music. More and more new hardcore bands use the instruments of heavy metal to put their message in a more dynamic envelope. Narziss are one of those bands who really know how to combine the two apparently diametrically opposed styles in the best possible way.

Some people may remember Narziss from the time back in 2001 when they played with Desiderata in Messancy, although I have to admit to my shame that I missed that concert, because already the opener A Sign From Above presents the band at its best, by adding emotional hardcore vocals to Swedish sounding death metal music. But instead of playing fast all the time, Narziss very often switch back a gear to fall into totally groovy rhythms that sound absolutely fat on CD, and must be devastating live, mostly because they have played already well over 100 concerts.

The killer production emphasises the talent of this German five-piece, so that the only sad thing about this CD is the short running time of only 19 minutes. But then you can still go ahead and buy their previous album. People who are into metallic emo core la Converge or local heroes dEFDUMp, but who also listen from time to time to some solid death metal, will have 100% pleasure with the five kick-ass anthems on Hope Dies.

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