NASHVILLE PUSSY - From Hell To Texas

Nashville Pussy - From Hell To Texas

12 songs
38:54 minutes
***** ***
Steamhammer / SPV


Nashville Pussy from Atlanta have been around since 1996, and are now back with their sixth studio album From Hell To Texas, consolidating once again their reputation as one of the dirtiest rock’n’roll bands on the planet. Just like AC/DC and Motörhead, the two ladies and two gents have the right not to come up with anything new. The lyrics are mostly about the usual topics of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, and their straight mix of hard and Southern rock still knows to please.

Speed Machine and the following title track are two such gritty and raw songs that you nearly can taste the desert dust flying right through your speakers. Blaine Cartwright’s vocals that remind a little of Alice Cooper fit perfectly well. The two ladies’ voices are rarely heard, Late Great USA being an exception. About two third of the tracks head into this Southern direction, and a little more variety wouldn’t have been bad. At least the songs are all very entertaining. Different moods can be discovered on the bluesy Stone Cold Down and Lazy Jesus, where the latter has enormous hit potential. The sleazy Why Why Why draws parallels to Slade, and Give Me A Hit Before I Go ends the album on a quieter note.

Nashville Pussy rock already like hell on CD. I can imagine that their live shows are even more engaging, considering the high Russ Meyer factor of their music. Kid Rock should dress warmly, because compared to Nashville Pussy, he is a real pussy.

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