NASUM - Helvete

Nasum - Helvete

22 songs
35:05 minutes
***** ****


Third full-length album from the Swedish grindsters Nasum, and although their last CD Human 2.0 has been released back in 2000, I can't remember them having been so great. My memories recall a tight grindcore band, but Helvete (the Swedish word for Hell) is not only a precise piece of ultrafast blastspeed attacks, but much, much more. It's not as if Nasum have changed their style in a drastic way, because the basic ingredients are still more or less the same: 20plus short songs adding up to an album of about 35 minutes. It's just that this time around the production seems to be a lot more transparent, where especially the guitar sound takes advantage of. Instead of always pushing the pedal to the metal, Nasum often take the opportunity to play at a slower pace with a more atmospheric sound. This juxtaposition of different styles enhances the brutality of the fast parts.

The cover artwork may not be as explicit as last time, but the lyrics attack all kinds of social issues like sexism, rightwingism, neoliberalism, selloutism and many more isms. Where most grindcore bands are only amusing for the playing time of a 7-Inch-Ep (at the very most), Nasum are one of the few bands that have turned the geindcore genre into something more modern, and very listenable too. With 22 songs on the album, it's of course hard to concentrate on single tracks, and after listening three times to this album, I only remember the great album ender Worst Case Scenario, but the overall impression is so positive that this will be a CD I will enjoy listening to in my car. People who like well crafted grindcore in the vein of Rotten Sound have to get this. 9 points.

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