NEAERA - Omnicide – Creation Unleashed

Neaera - Omnicide – Creation Unleashed

10 songs
44:07 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


Neaera are one of those bands that DisAgreement has been following since their debut The Rising Tide Of Oblivion in 2005. Omnicide – Creation Unleashed is the meanwhile fourth album from the Münster based quintet, and I was eager to learn if they could continue the positive trend of improving with every new release. Unlike in the past, they took two years this time, which didn’t have any negative impacts on the outcome.

The predecessor Armamentarium was so far their best album, but Neaera’s new CD is at least just as strong. Their metalcore past plays a more and more negligible role, instead they put the emphasis on a dark kind of old school death metal. Vocalist Benny Hilleke convinces like usually, no matter if he does dark growls and high shrieks. The music doesn’t stand behind, with the band sounding as furious as never before. Despite all these anger outburst, the songs are still extremely rousing and work probably even better in a live setting. Pace and mood changes play an important role too, making Omnicide – Creation Unleashed a mature and varied album. The Wretched Of The Earth is extremely hectic, Caesura is incredibly intensive death metal, and In Near Ruins has a threatening atmosphere interrupted by some great blast parts. These are only a few examples to underline Neaera’s strengths. Closer inspection will reveal excellence on every track.

Neaera don’t do anything substantially new, but can still amaze, which is definitely due to their incredible joy of playing. Omnicide – Creation Unleashed is a demanding album that rarely allows the listener to take a breath. Continuing to release such great albums, it can only be a question of time until they make it to the very top of the death metal league.

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