Necrosphere - Revived

11 songs
39:35 minutes
***** **

Necrosphere's roots go back to the late Eighties, when the Italian band came first together under the name Cenotaph. They released two albums in the Nineties, after which it became awfully quiet. The new millennium saw the band reappearing under the name Necrosphere, first releasing a 7"-EP, and now finally their kind-of debut album Revived for the Danish label Diehard.

So much for the history buffs. The music itself is fastpaced death metal, well produced, and mostly memorable for the excellent drumming which sets the band apart from the competition. But then it is hard these days to do something really amazing. Don't get me wrong, Necrosphere's music is very listenable, and full of brutal energy. There's even a successful rendition of Slayer's Necrophiliac, but I doubt I would recognise this band blindfolded.

If you like bands like Cannibal Corpse, Immolation or the (also reviewed) Decapitated, then there's nothing wrong with checking out Necrosphere. Meanwhile I deal out 7 blood red points and suggest you visit the band's official homepage.

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