NEIGHBOUR ROSICKY - Among Cool Cruel Fires

Neighbour Rosicky - Among Cool Cruel Fires

9 songs
***** **
Christopher's Records


Once again we are fishing in the post-rock area with Neighbour Rosicky's debut album. Christophers Records finally releases a vinyl version. Which fits with this record, so a restricted number of people will analyse this music for sure. I really had problems getting in a cosy mood. Beloved by many people the band donít show their whole force on this record, which easy can be developed during a live gig. But anyway, very strong song-writing here, never motionless. I loved to hear Living On Airports which can be a small hit in the future as the label announced in the info letter. Find out about the smooth cosy atmosphere while adding some female vocals (in the Elektrolochmann way). Why not?

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